filetree BETA


Add to your HTML:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="<DIRECTORY>/filetree.css" type="text/css"/>

<script src="<DIRECTORY>/filetree.js"></script>

This plugins also requires jQuery and Font Awesome.
You can change the icons using another unicode on attribute content on filetree.css

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The filetree that will be displayed on page load:

<ul class="main-tree"></ul>

The title of the filetree:

<li class="tree-title">title</li>

This is the item of the filetree:

<li class="tree-item">title</li>

Example of code:

<ul class="main-tree"> <li class="tree-title">photos-2015</li> <ul class="tree"> <li class="tree-title">beach</li> <li class="tree-item">0-2015-01-01.jpg</li> <li class="tree-item">1-2015-01-02.jpg</li> <li class="tree-item">2-2015-01-03.jpg</li> </ul> <ul class="tree"> <li class="tree-title">disneyland</li> <li class="tree-item">3-2015-02-01.jpg</li> <li class="tree-item">7-2015-02-02.jpg</li> <li class="tree-item">8-2015-02-03.jpg</li> <ul class="tree"> <li class="tree-title">birthday party</li> <li class="tree-item">4-2015-02-01.jpg</li> <li class="tree-item">5-2015-02-01.jpg</li> <li class="tree-item">6-2015-02-01.jpg</li> </ul> </ul> </ul>

Example with multiples filetrees

  • photos-2015
    • beach
    • 0-2015-01-01.jpg
    • 1-2015-01-02.jpg
    • 2-2015-01-03.jpg
    • disneyland
    • 3-2015-02-01.jpg
    • 7-2015-02-02.jpg
    • 8-2015-02-03.jpg
      • birthday party
      • 4-2015-02-01.jpg
      • 5-2015-02-01.jpg
      • 6-2015-02-01.jpg
  • projects
    • nearby
      • css
      • animations.js
      • google-maps.js
      • main.js
      • mobile.js
      • js
      • google-maps.js
      • main.js
      • resources
      • favicon.ico
    • index.html
  • movies
  • interstellar.mp4
  • catch_me_if_you_can.mp4
  • psycho.mp4