Appendix F. List of all country flags

All country flags are included in a pre-compiled efficient format with the library. In addition the flags can be scaled arbitrarily and used as either background images or as plot marks. Flags are specified by either it's index or by the using the whole or a unique part of the country name.

The list of all flags are in simple alphabetical order, i.e. by the full name including governance prefix e.g. "Republic". The size of the flags in this table has been chosen as FLAGSIZE2


The dynamics of world politics and geographic boundaries will no doubt make the list of included countries obsolete almost at the same time the library is released. The intention is that all currently known country and similar geographic entities should be included. Any missing flags shall and can not be interpreted as any political stand it is merely a consequence of political changes since the library was released or a possible oversight or simply a mistake either human or algorithmically in how the country flags are produced.

For more information on how to use country flags see Section 14.15

It is also possible to easily create a flags for usage outside graphs. The following script takes an index and flag core size as URL arguments and returns the chosen flag.

require_once 'jpgraph.php';
require_once 'jpgraph_flags.php';
if( empty($_GET['size']) ) {
    $size = FLAGSIZE1;
else {
    $size = $_GET['size'];
if( empty($_GET['idx']) ) {
    $idx = 'swdn';
else {
    $idx = $_GET['idx'];
$flags = new FlagImages($size) ;
$img = $flags->GetImgByIdx($idx);
header ("Content-type: image/png");
ImagePng ($img);

Table F.1. List of all country flags sorted by country name

Country nameShort nameIndexFlag
Arab Republic of Egypt"egyp"63
Argentine Republic"arge"9
Autonomous Region of Tibet"tibe"210
Azerbaijani Republic"azer"15
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela"venz"231
British Antarctic Territory"bant"17
British Indian Ocean Territory"brin"29
British Overseas Territory of Anguilla"angu"7
British Overseas Territory of Bermuda"berm"19
British Overseas Territory of Montserrat"mont"138
British Overseas Territory of the Cayman Islands"cyis"55
British Overseas Territory of the Falkland Islands"fais"71
British Overseas Territory of the Pitcairn Islands"piis"171
Brunei Darussalam"brun"30
Caribbean Community"cari"39
Central African Republic"cafr"35
Commonwealth of Australia"astl"13
Commonwealth of Dominica"domn"60
Commonwealth of Independent States"cins"45
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico"purc"174
Commonwealth of the Bahamas"bhms"20
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands"nmar"155
Cook Islands"ckis"46
Democratic Republic of Congo"zare"233
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka"srla"196
Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria"alge"4
Dominican Republic"dore"61
Dominion of Canada"cana"38
European Union"euun"70
Federal Republic of Germany"germ"81
Federal Republic of Nigeria"ngra"151
Federated States of Micronesia"micr"133
Federation of Malaysia"mals"126
Federative Republic of Brazil"braz"27
French Republic"fran"76
Gabonese Republic"gabn"78
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg"luxe"120
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan"jord"108
Hellenic Republic"grec"84
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region"hokn"92
Independent State of Papua New Guinea"pang"167
International Committee of the Red Cross"icrc"96
International Federation of Vexillological Associations"fiav"72
International Olympic Committee"olym"163
Islamic Republic of Mauritania"maur"130
Islamic Republic of Pakistan"paks"165
Isle of Man"isma"102
Italian Republic"ital"104
Kingdom of Bahrain"bhrn"21
Kingdom of Belgium"belg"18
Kingdom of Cambodia"camb"36
Kingdom of Denmark"denm"58
Kingdom of Lesotho"lest"116
Kingdom of Morocco"morc"139
Kingdom of Nepal"nepa"148
Kingdom of Norway"norw"158
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia"saar"179
Kingdom of Spain"span"194
Kingdom of Swaziland"szld"204
Kingdom of Sweden"swdn"201
Kingdom of Thailand"thal"209
Kingdom of Tonga"tong"214
Kingdom of the Netherlands"neth"149
Kyrgyz Republic"kyrg"113
League of Arab States"arle"10
Lebanese Republic"leba"115
Macao Special Administrative Region"maca"121
Midway Islands"miis"134
Netherlands Antilles"nean"147
New Zealand"nwze"160
Nordic Council"nord"157
Nordic Sami Conference"sami"181
North Atlantic Treaty Organization"nato"144
Organization of African Unity"oaun"162
Organization of American States"oast"161
Organization of the Islamic Conference"isco"101
Oriental Republic of Uruguay"urgy"226
Overseas Department of French Guiana"frgu"77
Overseas Department of Guadeloupe"guad"86
Overseas Department of Martinique"mart"129
Overseas Territory of the British Virgin Islands"bvis"34
Peoples Republic of China"chin"43
Principality of Andorra"andr"6
Principality of Liechtenstein"liec"118
Principality of Monaco"mona"136
Principality of Seborga"sebo"184
Province of Northern Ireland"noir"156
Republic of Albania"alba"2
Republic of Angola"agla"1
Republic of Armenia"arme"11
Republic of Austria"aust"14
Republic of Belarus"blru"22
Republic of Benin"bnin"25
Republic of Bolivia"blva"23
Republic of Botswana"bots"26
Republic of Bulgaria"bulg"32
Republic of Burkina"bufa"31
Republic of Burundi"buru"33
Republic of Cameroon"came"37
Republic of Cape Verde"cave"40
Republic of Chad"chad"41
Republic of Chile"chil"42
Republic of China"taiw"205
Republic of Colombia"clmb"47
Republic of Costa Rica"corc"52
Republic of Croatia"croa"53
Republic of Cuba"cuba"54
Republic of Cyprus"cypr"56
Republic of Djibouti"djib"59
Republic of Ecuador"ecua"62
Republic of El Salvador"elsa"64
Republic of Equatorial Guinea"eqgu"66
Republic of Estonia"estn"68
Republic of Fiji"fiji"73
Republic of Finland"finl"74
Republic of Georgia"geor"80
Republic of Ghana"ghan"82
Republic of Guatemala"guat"88
Republic of Guinea"guin"90
Republic of Haiti"hait"91
Republic of Honduras"hond"93
Republic of Hungary"hung"94
Republic of Iceland"icel"95
Republic of India"inda"97
Republic of Indonesia"indn"98
Republic of Iraq"iraq"99
Republic of Ireland"irel"100
Republic of Kazakhstan"kazk"109
Republic of Kenya"keny"110
Republic of Kiribati"kirb"111
Republic of Korea"skor"188
Republic of Latvia"latv"114
Republic of Liberia"libe"117
Republic of Lithuania"lith"119
Republic of Macedonia"mace"122
Republic of Madagascar"mada"123
Republic of Malawi"malw"128
Republic of Mali"mali"125
Republic of Malta"malt"127
Republic of Mauritius"mrts"141
Republic of Moldova"mold"135
Republic of Mongolia"mong"137
Republic of Mozambique"moza"140
Republic of Namibia"namb"143
Republic of Nauru"naur"145
Republic of Nicaragua"nica"152
Republic of Niger"nigr"153
Republic of Palau"pala"166
Republic of Paraguay"para"168
Republic of Peru"peru"169
Republic of Poland"pola"172
Republic of Portugal"port"173
Republic of Rwanda"rwan"178
Republic of San Marino"sama"180
Republic of Serbia"serb"185
Republic of Sierra Leone"sile"186
Republic of Singapore"sing"187
Republic of Slovenia"slva"189
Republic of Somaliland"smld"191
Republic of South Africa"soaf"192
Republic of Suriname"surn"199
Republic of Tajikistan"tajk"207
Republic of Tunisia"tuns"217
Republic of Turkey"turk"218
Republic of Uganda"ugan"221
Republic of Uzbekistan"uzbk"228
Republic of Vanuatu"vant"230
Republic of Yemen"yemn"232
Republic of Zimbabwe"zbwe"234
Republic of the Congo"cong"51
Republic of the Gambia"gamb"79
Republic of the Marshall Islands"mais"124
Republic of the Philippines"phil"170
Republic of the Sudan"suda"198
Russian Federation"russ"176
Saint Lucia"stlu"197
Secretariat of the Pacific Community"spco"195
Slovak Republic"svka"200
Solomon Islands"sois"193
Somali Republic"smla"190
State of Eritrea"erit"67
State of Grenada"gren"85
State of Israel"isra"103
State of Kuwait"kuwa"112
State of Qatar"qata"175
State of the Vatican City"vacy"229
Sultanate of Oman"oman"164
Swiss Confederation"swit"202
Syrian Arab Republic"syra"203
Territorial Collectivity of Mayotte"mayt"131
Territory of American Samoa"amsa"5
Territory of Christmas Island"chms"44
Territory of Cocos Islands"cois"48
Territory of French Polynesia"fpol"75
Territory of Guam"guam"87
Territory of New Caledonia and Dependencies"nwca"159
Territory of Norfolk Island"nfis"150
The Bailiwick of Guernsey"guer"89
The Bailiwick of Jersey"jers"107
The Czech Republic"czec"57
Togolese Republic"togo"212
Tristan da Cunha"trdc"215
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus"ncyp"146
Union of Myanmar"myan"142
Union of the Comoros"como"50
United Arab Emirates"uaem"220
United Kingdom of Great Britain"unkg"223
United Mexican States"mexc"132
United Nations"unna"224
United Republic of Tanzania"tanz"208
United States of America"unst"225
Virgin Islands of the United States"usvs"227