H.2. QR 2D Barcode error messages


These error messages are not yet localized

Table H.2. English error messages

Error code Error message
1000 Tilde processing is not yet supported for QR Barcodes.
1001 Inverting the bit pattern is not supported for QR Barcodes.
1002 Cannot read data from file %s
1003 Cannot open file %s
1004 Cannot write QR barcode to file %s
1005 Unsupported image format selected. Check your GD installation
1006 Cannot set the selected barcode colors. Check your GD installation and spelling of color name

JpGraph Error: HTTP headers have already been sent.

Caused by output from file %s at line %d.

Explanation: HTTP headers have already been sent back to the browser indicating the data as text before the library got a chance to send it's image HTTP header to this browser.

This makes it impossible for the library to send back image data to the browser (since that would be interpreted as text by the browser and show up as junk text). Most likely you have some text in your script before the call to Graph::Stroke(). If this texts gets sent back to the browser the browser will assume that all data is plain text. Look for any text, even spaces and newlines, that might have been sent back to the browser. For example it is a common mistake to leave a blank line before the opening

1008 Could not create the barcode image with image format=%s. Check your GD/PHP installation.
1009 Cannot open log file %s for writing.
1010 Cannot write log info to log file %s.
1100 Internal error: Illegal mask pattern selected
1101 Internal error: Trying to apply masking to functional pattern.
1102 Internal error: applyMaskAndEval(): Found uninitialized module in matrix when applying mask pattern.
1200 Internal error: Was expecting %d bits in version %d to be placed in matrix but got %d bits
1201 Internal error: Trying to position bit outside the matrix x=%d, y=%d, size=%d, bIdx=%d
1202 Internal error: Trying to put data in initialized bit.
1203 Internal error: Mask number for format bits is invalid. (maskidx=%d)
1204 Internal error: Found an uninitialized bit [val=%d] at (%d,%d) when flattening matrix
1300 Internal error: QRCapacity::getFormatBits() Was expecting a format in range [0,31] got %d
1301 Internal error: QRCapacity::getVersionBits() Was expecting a version in range [7,40] got %d
1302 Internal error: QRCapacity::_chkVerErr() Was expecting version in range [1,40] and error level in range [0,3] got (%d,%d)
1303 Internal error: QRCapacity::getAlignmentPositions() Expected %d patterns but found %d patterns (len=%d).
1304 Internal error: QRCapacity::%s Was expecting a version in range [1,40] got %d
1400 QR Version must be specified as a value in the range [1,40] got %d
1401 Input data to barcode can not be empty.
1402 Automatic encodation mode was specified but input data looks like specification for manual encodation.
1403 Was expecting an array of arrays as input data for manual encoding.
1404 Each input data array element must consist of two entries. Element $i has of $nn entries
1405 Each input data array element must consist of two entries with first entry being the encodation constant and the second element the data string. Element %d is incorrect in this respect.
1406 Was expecting either a string or an array as input data
1407 Manual encodation mode was specified but input data looks like specification for automatic encodation.
1408 Input data too large to fit into one QR Symbol
1409 The selected symbol version %d is too small to fit the specified data and selected error correction level.
1410 Trying to read past the last available codeword in block split.
1411 Internal error: Expected 1 or 2 as the number of block structures.
1412 Internal error: Too many codewords for chosen symbol version. (negative number of pad codewords).
1413 Internal error: splitInBytes: Expected an even number of 8-bit blocks.
1414 Internal error: getCountBits() illegal version number (=%d).
1415 Manually specified encodation schema MODE_NUMERIC has no data that can be encoded using this schema.
1416 Manually specified encodation schema MODE_ALPHANUM has no data that can be encoded using this schema.
1417 Manually specified encodation schema MODE_BYTE has no data that can be encoded using this schema.
1418 Unsupported encodation schema specified (%d)
1419 Found character in data stream that cannot be encoded with the selected manual encodation mode.
1420 Encodation using KANJI mode not yet supported.
1421 Internal error: Unsupported encodation mode doAuto().
1422 Found unknown characters in the data stream that can't be encoded with any available encodation mode.
1423 Kanji character set not yet supported.
1424 Internal error: DataStorage:: Unsupported character mode (%d) DataStorage::Remaining()
1425 Internal error: DataStorage:: Trying to extract slice of len=%d (with type=%d) when there are only %d elements left
1426 Internal error: DataStorage:: Trying to read past input data length.
1427 Expected either DIGIT, ALNUM or BYTE but found ASCII code=%d
1428 Internal error: DataStorage::Peek() Trying to peek past input data length.