Appendix K. Why it is not possible to add a SVG backend to JpGraph

Table of Contents

K.1. Background
K.2. Summary of findings
K.3. Detailing the issue
K.3.1. The core problem
K.3.2. Why is this a problem ?
K.3.3. Possible workarounds
K.3.4. What would be required ?
K.3.5. DOM scripting and GetBBox()
K.3.6. A final comment

K.1. Background

We have received many suggestions to add SVG as output from the library to achieve better quality in off-screen reproduction of graphs. Adding SVG output would significantly enhance the print quality as well as adding the possibility of seamless zooming in graphs. For this reason we have done a brief pre-study on the feasibility of such a backend. This short note will describe our findings.