1.10. Where to find additional information

The primary source for information is this manual together with theJpGraph web site which also contains further links to many external sources of information.

1.10.1. Manuals and distributed documentation

  1. The JpGraph user manual (this document)

  2. The JpGraph API reference manual. This reference contains details about all public APIs available together with the classes.

  3. JpGraph UML static class diagram. This is an experimental documentation which shows the static class dependency between all classes in the library.

  4. The JpGraph community forum. This is a discussion board for users of the JpGraph library where users both give examples on how they have used the library as well as asking and answering generic and specific questions.

  5. The FAQ. This is available both on-line and in Appendix C to this manual.

1.10.2. On-line documentation and resources

The JpGraph document portal can be be found at http://www.aditus.nu/jpgraph/documentation.php in addition to the distributed documentation there are several "HowTo" sections which explains with some larger examples how to accomplish some specific type of graphs and solve common problems.

In addition to the JpGraph Web site there are a number of external sites with tutorials and examples on how JpGraph has been used. This is not a complete list (nor will it ever be) but it lists a few of the tutorials/examples that we are aware of. The following is a partial list of known external tutorial showing more or less advanced examples on how to use specific features of the library.


Usual caveats apply in that we can take no responsibility for the correctness of these tutorials since we have no influence over them.

Table 1.2. External JpGraph tutorial

Chart Dog Application.Application example
Découverte de la librairie Php JpGraphFrench tutorial
Einführung zu JPGraphGerman tutorial
Des graphes en Php avec JpGraphFrench tutorial
Developing Professional Quality Graphs with PHPEnglish tutorial
PHPHacks.com Posts Creating charts with JPGraphEnglish tutorial
Simple linear regression with PHPIBM developer works article
Dreamweaver ArticleHow to integrate with Dreamweaver
JPGraph Library V2.2 TutorialTypo3 integration
Introduction to JPGraph (Part I)Basic introduction
PHP Graphics With JpGraph Downloadable tutorials
JpGraph: PHP Graphs & Charts On-The-FlyBasic introduction
Using JpGraphJpGraph and Cake
Create High Quality Graphs with JpgraphBasic introduction
JpGraph tutorial Integration with Prado

1.10.3. Defect database

Unfortunately there will be defects (bugs) even in this library. If you suspect that you have found a bug may we ask you to first check the existing bug database if this problem has already been reported. If the problem you have found has not been reported then we would appreciate hearing about your issue.

You can find our defect database at http://www.aditus.nu/bugtraq/


We have been forced to add some simple spam protection on the defect reporting system to prevent a lot of phony robot signups

In order to sign-up for a new user account do the following

1. Goto the issue tracker at http://www.aditus.nu/bugtraq/?do=register in order to signup for a new account

2. Select an arbitrary user name and prefix it with an "XY_", for example, if your chosen user id would be "adam12" then signup as "XY_adam12".

3. Fill in the rest of the values, your name, e-mail etc.

4, You will receive a confirmation mail in order to activate your account.

5. In order to login you just need to use your chosen user name BUT WITHOUT the "XY_" prefix. This is only used when signing up for an account.