1.11. Known bugs and omissions

In general a new version of the library is released twice a year. If you are in a hurry to get a fix that may already be available in the development branch you can always try the latest nightly build available from the JpGraph home page. However be aware that a nightly build could be broken on rare occasions. However, our development philosophy is to always have a releasable repository so for the most of the time the snapshot will work fine. The snapshot is available from:


The following is a partial list of what we believe to be the most irritating known bugs (and omissions). See the Bugtracker for a more current view on additional known minor issues with the library.

  1. For performance reasons background images are not rotated along with graphs in rotated graphs. Images rotation must be made outside the library with some image manipulation program. This will never be included as a feature of the library since PHP is simply to slow for this kind of pixel-by-pixel image manipulation.

  2. The library does not work with a 64bit OS (This is partly due to PHP and partly due to some calculation of Error codes that assumes 32 bit integers)

  3. Truetype fonts are aligned according to there bounding box. This means that text line that contain characters below the baseline (e.g. "j") will be aligned slightly different from texts that only contain characters that are above the baseline (e.g. "a").