Class ErrorLinePlot Extends ErrorPlot
(Defined in: jpgraph_error.php : 87)
 ErrorLinePlot  ErrorPlot 

Class usage and Overview
The error line plot is much the same as the error plot with the addition of a line between the average value of each error plot pair. The properties of the line may be accessed through the ?line? property of the ErrLinePlot, so for example to draw a red line you issue the statement $errlineplot->line->SetColor(?red?);


See also related classes:
LinePlot and ErrorPlot


Class Methods


ErrorLinePlot ::
__construct($datay, $datax)
//---------------// CONSTRUCTOR

$datay  No description available
$datax false X-data value

In the same way as for Error plots each data value is represnted by two y-values, a minimum and maximum value for each point. 
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$errlineplot = new ErrorLinePlot($ydata);