Class GroupBarPlot Extends BarPlot
(Defined in: jpgraph_bar.php : 615)
 GroupBarPlot  BarPlot 

Class usage and Overview
A group bar plot has several bars side by side for each X-label. The group bar is constructed from any number of ordinary bar graphs. For example: $b1 = new BarPlot(...); $b2 = new BarPlot(...); $gb = new GroupBarPlot(array($b1,$b2)); ... $graph->Add($gb); ... Each individual bar can be either a BarPlor or an AccBarPlot.


Class Methods


GroupBarPlot ::
Create a new Group bar plot

$plots  Array of individual plots

Create a new Group bar plot from a number of BarPlot or AccBarPlot plots. 
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$b1 = new BarPlot(...);
$b2 = new BarPlot(...);

$gb = new GroupBarPlot(array($b1,$b2));