Class MileStone Extends GanttPlotObject
(Defined in: jpgraph_gantt.php : 3460)
 MileStone  GanttPlotObject 

Class usage and Overview
Represents a milestone in the GanttChart. A milstone is created by specifyin a date.


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Class Methods


MileStone ::
__construct($aVPos, $aLabel, $aDate, $aCaption)
Create a new milestone in a GanttGraph

$aVPos  Row for milestone
$aLabel  Label
$aDate  Position on the date scale
$aCaption "" Caption string

A milestone is by default displayed as a "Diamond" mark at a specified row at a specified date. It can also have a caption to the right of the milestone mark.  
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$graph = new GanttGraph();

// Setup the gantt graph...

$ms = new MileStone(7,"M5","2002-01-28","28/1");